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The Future of Therapy, Counselling and Coaching


The Future of Therapy, Counselling and Coaching

Positive interventions are effective. There’s a lot of scientific proof which is why modern coaching, counselling and therapy concentrates more and more on progression of potential and development, instead of curing problems and symptoms. This is the trend of the future. How Positive interventions can help in that case, will be analysed in Graz from the 21st to the 23rd of June in Graz. Someone who knows this is Robert Biswas-Diener, the worlds best known Positive Coach. We’re looking forward to his workshop on the 21st of June. Also in Graz will be Tayyab

Rashid, who will introduce his new book “Positive Psychotherapy“. Anton Laireiter will be talking about the outstanding success of Positive Psychotherapy in Austria. Alena Slezakowa, presumably Europe’s most famous expert concerning Posttraumatic Growth, Positivity and Hope, will close the event on Saturday. On Sunday Michael Lehofer will talk about Love: If and how it can be used in a therapeutic context. Gunther Schmidt, developer of the Hypnosystemic Therapy will then ask the crucial question: Is it possible to combine Positive Psychology and Hypnosystemics?

In the afternoon Philip Streit will discuss his approach of Prospective Psychotherapy, a therapy that works with the future. Martin Seligman will conclude the Graz tour stop with “The Hope Circuit”. This will be much more than a talk about his autobiography. You can look forward to the newest information about Positive and Prospective Psychotherapy.


Friday/ 21.06.2019
Precongress Workshop – Steiermarkhof, Graz

9:00 – 17:00 UhrRobert Biswas-Diener: Positive Coaching Tools

Saturday/ 22.06.2019
Steiermarkhof, Graz

8:00 UhrCheck-In
8:30 UhrOpening by Alfred Pritz Direcotor of Sigmund Freud University Vienna
9:00 UhrRobert Biswas-Diener: Hybrid, Positive Coaching
10:30 UhrBreak
11:00 UhrTayyab Rashid: Positive Psychotherapy
12:30 UhrLunch Break
14:00 UhrAnton Laireiter: Positive Psychotherapy in Austria
15:30 UhrBreak
16:00 UhrAlena Slezácková: Posttraumatic Growth
17:00 UhrEnde of the first day.

Sunday/ 23. 06. 2019

8:30 UhrEröffnung
9:00 UhrMichael Lehofer: Is there a Therapy of Love?
10:30 UhrBreak
11:00 UhrGunther Schmidt: Can Hypnosystemic and Positive Psychology Come Together?
12:30 UhrLunch Break
14:00 UhrPhilip Streit: Prospective Psychotherapy
15:00 UhrBreak
15:30 UhrMartin Seligman:  The Hope Circuit
17:00 UhrEnd


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Martin Seligman teaches at the PENN University in Philadelphia and is the head of the Positive Psychology Centre. Known worldwide for his theory of Learned Helplessness he was able to establish Positive Psychology as a part of scientific psychology. Furthermore, he is a founder of the Prospective Psychology.


Robert Biswas-Diener is an expert in Positive Coaching and passes on his knowledge about this topic at the Portland State University. His research explores the connection of income, culture and wellbeing.


Anton Laireiter is a professor for psychology at the University of Salzburg and does research on the topics of Clinical, Positive and Gerontological Psychology. His focus currently lies on the evaluation of Positive Psychotherapy.


Michael Lehofer is a psychiatrist and psychologist, professor for psychiatry and the medical director of the hospital “Landeskrankenhaus Graz Süd-West”.


Tayyab Rashid conducts his research at the University of Toronto. He was awarded multiple times for his work in clinical psychology and also teaches at other universities like Princeton, Paris and Melbourne.


Gunther Schmidt is a medical doctor and a specialist for Psychosomatic Medicine and psychotherapy in Heidelberg and head of the SysTelios private hospital for psychosomatic health development. He was a student of Milton Erickson.


Alena Slezácková is the head of the Academic Centre of Positive Psychology of the Masaryk University in Brno. The focus of her research is Posttraumatic Growth.


Philip Streit is the head of the Institute for Children, Youth and Family, member of the IPPA Board of Advisors and the coordinator of Seligman Europe, the Austrian Positive Psychology Association (APPA) and the European Positive Psychology Academy (EUPPA).