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Single Ticket for Graz, Hamburg, or Bregenz

Price: € 390,-

2er Bundle*
Price: € 720,-

3er Bundle*
Price: € 950,-

*Bundle only contain congresses like Graz, Hamburg, Götzis/Bregenz. Precongress is not included and must be booked separatly!

+43 699 160 300 50
+43 699 160 300 40

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Further Information

Target Audience
Coaches, Trainers, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Physicians, Life- and Social Consultants, Leaders Educators, Teachers and everyone who’s interested.

Can be credited as a profession specific training.

Single Ticket Precongress
Graz or Bregenz

Price: € 250,-


Graz: Steiermarkhof, Ekkehard-Hauer-Straße 33, 8052 Graz, A
Hamburg: Herrengraben 4, 20459 Hamburg, D
(Pre-Kongress) Bregenz: Mehrerau Kloster, Mehrerauerstr. 66, 6900 Bregenz, A
(Kongress) Götzis: Kulturbühne AMBACH, Am Bach 10, 6840 Götzis, A

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